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Background: The KPIC is now entering into a fifth decade of service to Kennedy collectors around the world. Membership currently extends across the U.S. and Canada to England and even as far away as Japan and Australia. In addition to our bi-monthly Hyannisporter newsletter, we offer contact with other Kennedy collectors all over the world, and the opportunity to actively participate in your hobby among people with the same special interests. The Hyannisporter newsletter offers history, trivia, collector information, Kennedy-related auction and market prices, newly discovered and unlisted materials, and more.

Kennedy Publications: The original Kennedy books (1981-1985) are out of print as hard copy books. They are, however, available on DVD: The Campaign Items of John F. Kennedy, JFK Book II, The Campaign Items of Robert F. Kennedy, RFK Book II, and The Kennedy Ribbon Book. Also available is a KPIC Hyannisporter Index Project. This includes a complete topical index of the chapter newsletters from 1974 to the present and digital copies of every issue of the newsletter that has been published in the past four decades.

The Kennedy Trilogy:  The "Kennedy Trilogy" is available in very limited quantities.  It is a fantastic set of collector reference books.  The JFK BOOK has 120 pages and 3,000+ items pictured.  The RFK BOOK has 84 pages and 1,500 items pictured.  The EMK BOOK has 80 pages and 1,250+ items pictured.  The books include all types of items from each of the Kennedy brothers' campaigns....buttons, ribbons, paper items, posters, 3-D, memorial, anti-items and more.  They include congressional, senatorial, VP, presidential, and hopeful items.  The books are available in hard copy or on DVD from KPIC Director Harvey Goldberg.  Call 732.382.4652 or email for current prices and availability.

Dues: Annual membership dues in KPIC are $15.00 for email delivery of the newsletter (PDF format), $30.00 for regular US mail delivery and $40.00 for US Mail Overseas delivery.  Please make check payable to Harvey Goldberg, PO Box 922, Clark NJ 07066.  New members may also pay via PayPal. Use as the PayPal address.


Chapter Officers:

Chapter Founder & Vice President
: Christopher Hearn, 125 Morven Park Rd. NW, Leesburg, VA 20176, or email

Director and Newsletter Editor: Harvey Goldberg, PO Box 922, Clark NJ 07066, or email or by phone at 732.382.4652.

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