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(If your name is blank below, you didn't log into the APIC website.  Go login to the APIC website first, then come back to this registration form so that this form automatically has all of your personal information filled out - it's easier for you and you can validate that your information in the APIC database is correct)



(do not include yourself in the list of family members)




  1. This includes admission to (a) the bourse (b) most events (c) all receptions.
  2. Note that children 5 and under are FREE to all events except Sat meals.  Names of children need to be registered.
Family (Household) Registration - $50.00:
 (includes APIC Member & household members attending convention)

APIC Member Registration - $30.00:
(no family members will be attending the convention)



(In the "Quantity" field for each event below, enter the total # of tickets required - one for yourself and one for each family member)


FRIDAY EVENING - Awards Banquet:

Buffet Banquet - $45.00 :



Continental Breakfast - $20.00 :



Important Note: if you are renting tables or cases, you must agree to the terms of the Table Agreement Form below.

  1. All tables are 6 feet by 2 1/2 feet (72 inches by 30 inches).
  2. Bourse tables are available for APIC members only and are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. There will be a deadline for tables and cases!.  Late reservations will be accepted if space exists.
  4. Dealers may bring ONE assistant into the bourse during the setup time only if the assistant is an APIC member and has a paid Convention Registration.



Wall Tables - $125.00 each:


Interior Tables - $100.00 each :



Locked Display Cases - $30.00/each (22" x 33" x 3"):




If you are renting tables and/or cases, please indicate that you have read and agree to the following terms by selecting the appropriate option below: As an APIC Member in good standing, I have read and agree to the following: I will remove from my bourse area items that are deemed to be in violation of the APIC Code of Ethics and normal moral standards when requested by a convention chairperson. Should I not wish to comply, then I must remove my inventory from the bourse area. No fees will be refunded to me and I also understand that I may also be excluded from future APIC shows because of this action. I also agree to release APIC and its officers and members and all convention-sponsoring organizations and show promoters from any claims or damages that result from this action.


Grand Total Amount: 








Make sure you have entered correct information above.  Note that any future changes to your on-line reservation must be made with the Registration Committee.  Changes cannot be made on-line.

Click on the Submit Convention Registration link below and read the instructions that follow.


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