Auction Catalogs


There are a number of different outlets for buying and selling political campaign memorabilia.  None of the sources listed here are officially sanctioned by the APIC, however many of these sources are either owned or operated by current members of the APIC, and many APIC members use these sources to obtain items for their collections.

Availability of items through auctions 

Items are available in an auction format from a variety of sources.  In order to acquire an item in an auction, you must bid on the item and compete with others for the item.  Items sell to the highest bidder.  The auction house oftentimes charges an annual subscription fee for the auction.  The format of these auctions may or may not include bidding on-line using their own website and/or eBay auctions.  Some auction houses charge a buyers premium, and others do not.  The types of items available can covers most periods in history, including one-of-a-kind items to more generally available material.  Items are available for most budgets.


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