Collecting Political Campaign Postcards


Forum on Collecting Political Campaign Postcards at the 2012 Columbus National Convention

Collecting presidential campaign postcards was the theme of a forum presented at the recent APIC National in Columbus, Ohio. Hal Ottaway, Leon Rowe and Gary Faber joined forces to share their experiences over the years as well as their collections. Each had prepared large display boards showing interesting examples, while a helpful sheet about dating the various postcard styles, stampboxes and postage amounts was handed out (available on this website). Storage suggestions were made for beginning as well as advanced collectors, and terms used in the postcard world were explained. Various series and sets were shown, rarity was discussed and jugate designs shown, which are even more scarce on postcards than comparable celluloid pinbacks. Featured were the wonderful graphics, printing, embossing and creative designs found on campaign postcards, which make them true standouts of our collections.

The book, Political Postcards, published in 1984 by Bernard Greenhouse and the 1988 Tom French auction catalog of the Morris Shenk Family postcard collection were also acknowledged. Happily we are seeing more presidential postcards appear in Anderson, Hake and various online auctions, which recognize their importance in the political collecting hobby now, more than ever before.

Example Campaign Postcards

Below are example political campaign postcards from the collections of Hal Ottaway, Gary Faber, and Leon Rowe.

As you can see, the graphics can be quite creative.

Postcard_BryanEclipseTaft1908.jpg Postcard_BryanMastersVoice.jpg
Postcard_BryanTaftRacePostcard.jpg Postcard_CoxRooseveltOvals.jpg
Postcard_CoxRooseveltShield.jpg Postcard_TaftEclipseBryan1908.jpg
Postcard_TaftRaft.jpg Postcard_TaftSteamRoller.jpg
Postcard_TaftTaffy.jpg Postcard_WilsonSixReasons.jpg

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